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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No April Fools Virus

What a relief that April one came and went and the computer world as we know it continued...there was so much hype about the Conficker worm I did not even log on yesterday.

I took Kerry for a long walk mid-day today and it's almost time to head out for the dog park. Tomorrow I meet with my accountant but the bad news is with all I paid last year, Uncle Sam still feels that I owe more. Ouch!

AND, even while the state of Calif is basically bankrupt - our sales tax increased to 8.75%. I guess we need to pay for all those who choose not to. And until our pockets are wrung out empty, the Govt. that is suppose to work FOR us, will just keep taking advantage of us! How frustrating. I believe our founding fathers did not intend to tax citizens income when they made money and again when they made a purchase. Shoot, the reason we stood against Great Britain was taxes right?

Well two weeks from this very day I will pick up puppy F from CCI (see and click on Southwest Region). It turns out my little female will probably be Francie. How cute. So I will have a Kerry and a new pup Francie. That sounds cute together.
Tomorrow while I wait for the Orkin man to come for my condo's annual termite inspection, I hope to upload my Hawaii photos I took in February.

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