The five service pups I've raised...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hurting Heart what to do and how to move on and not feel so sad. See the week was going so well and then, well then the disappointment. I had asked Justin to bring a school book of his choice to Calif with him. So that his last day here we could work together on it as he would be missing his first day back after spring break. I wanted to help him get his brain back around a school subject as he prepared to return home to Ohio. Well without outlining all the details, he did not pack the book. And, he changed his story several times when responding to my questions. I realize that teens will be teens and I'm sure he's used to his big sister doing so much for him, that he ends up not relying enough on himself (planning ahead, making at list etc). I wish my Dad would have talked to him and sat him down and probed him to see if he understood why his Aunt was so hurt and upset? And coached him toward apologizing. So our last day, instead of going to the neat Birch Aquarium, we just hung around Dad's place. They mostly shot billiards. I took the dogs for a walk - perfect day for my mood: overcast and blustery. And then we watched a movie and ate a frozen pizza.

But I guess what hurts the most is he never thanked me for his trip to California, nor did he thank his Grandpa. Granted our last day was uncomfortable as I was upset about the book incident. But when the time came to say goodnight or good bye as I was heading home and he was staying at Grandpa's, Justin did not even give me a hug or say thank you.

Well, I thought, "maybe in the morning he will call me from his cell phone while at the airport". Nope. He phoned me around 4 in the afternoon to let me know he arrived home safely in Ohio. I told him thanks for letting me know and I waited. There was a long pause. Still nothing! Not a "thanks for everything Aunt Vickie. I really enjoyed myself and had fun sharing all the neat things you showed me."

I remember when he was learning to talk as a toddler and he was taught to say please and thank you....("What's the magic word Justin?")

Now Justin is a good hearted, kind kid. Were his manners really better when he was 5? I love him so much and try to do thoughtful things for him. I bought him a couple shirts while he was here. I purchased a photo album and had a bunch of his photos printed and put them in the album so he would have it to take home... It hurts and makes me feel unappreciated.

We had a great picnic at La Jolla cove the Saturday before he left. Dad and I took the dogs with us and we enjoyed a beautiful day. I guess I need to do what my dear friend advised: "Focus on the good memories." As we had a week full of fun and laughter. "Don't let the last day spoil the previous week of good times you shared with your nephew; nor Justin's inability to express his appreciation, remove the joy that you experienced with him". She is wise and she is right and I will work on this. For now, it just hurts.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday in Paradise

Well the week has sped by and as Justin has learned, vacations always go faster than a school week! We spent yesterday at Disney's Calif Adventure Theme Park (with the rest of the free world where EVERY child from 13-17 was on spring break and right there with us! Never the less we had a ball and did every thrill ride offered, some several times. His favorite was the Tower of Terror (free fall) while mine and Dad's was the Soaring Over Calif, Imax type film that the 'flight' actually takes you off the ground and soars you over various areas of the state of Calif complete with wind in your hair and scents of pine while over the redwoods and ocean salt air when over the sea! We closed the place and even hit In 'N Out Burger on our way home from Anaheim. My legs/feet were dead tired as I had volleyball the night before so boy was I ready for bed. Here's the photo the ride (Tower of Terror) took of us. Justin and Dad have their hands up on the lower right but I's screaming (in blue).

And here's Justin and I at Sunset and Hollywood Blvd at Disney Calif Adventure.

Then today, Saturday, we took a picnic down to La Jolla Cove and Kerry and Ever dogs were pleased they got to come along. Paradise provided the most perfect weather all week and even today another gorgeous day. We stopped at the Torrey Pine Gliderport on the way to LJ..... man I had not been there in probably 14 years. It used to be $60 for a tandem ride now it's $150 if you care to brave stepping off the cliff with a seasoned glider pilot. This photo here is from our brief visit to Moonlight Beach the other day. Justin braved the water but not for long as it's only 60 degrees this time of year (brrrr).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 3 of Justin's Visit

Justin and his Grandpa are down at the USS Midway Museum today and I will catch up with them later this afternoon.
After the museum Justin will meet with a friend from my OSU alumni group who is a SD Police Capt. She will have Justin walk her beat with her and chat with him. As Justin's goal is to become a police officer.

I am enjoying Justin's visit to Calif. We hiked again this morning, this time at a canyon area near my home. Justin was amazed at the view of the hills all around us, from being up so high.
Then I cooked him a 5 egg breakfast (yes 5) which he eats with (ewww) ketchup.
Last night he enjoyed meeting the dog park gang...I'll post some photos once my camera is charged up.
As we were leaving her home, friend Linda, said, "Why aren't you driving? For if you were MY nephew I'd have you chauffeuring me around!" and Justin said yea, Aunt Vick, let me drive. I had planned to anyway so now was the perfect time. Ah such flash backs of that feeling....remember THAT feeling of getting to finally drive after waiting to for sooo long? And then the nervousness and yet the exhilaration & sense of freedom -such an adult activity. Gosh how I remember that feeling of being behind the wheel.
Ohio like many states, now has drivers with one license until they are 18 and then they earn their full license (they go from a vertical photo id to the traditional horizontal photo license). So I let him drive my Tucson home. Justin decided right there he REALY liked Lyn. :)

Then back home, Grandpa came over with Ever dog and he and Justin grilled the chicken while I did the caesar salads, baked potatoes and broccoli. We had a nice dinner together.

Yes, I am really enjoying Justin's company.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Justin has arrived in Calif. safely

What a dear nephew I have. If my sister were still living she would be so tickled to see what a fine young man she started off in life... I see a lot of Lorrie in Justin. And go figure, he does Saduko math puzzles! (ha! just like his Grandpa)

I picked him up this eveing just in time for a stunning sunset. He was able to get a seat on the left side of the plane so he enjoyed seeing the bay on the approach or as Justin put it "the whole Pacific ocean"! Dad joined us at my place and Kerry and Ever provided a suitable tail wagging welcome to him.
We enjoyed my home-made spaghetti dinner including caribou carmel ice cream for desert and we then sketched out our plan for the week.
If was so nice hearing him describe his school cruise to the Bahamas for 4 days last year...he realizes there's a whole big world out there.

It's obvious he really enjoys his weight training and competition and takes it very seriously. I look forward to getting to know this fine young man.
P.S. - I know I'm short, but man he is tall! I have to hug his waist as I can reach any higher) :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Preparing for a guest...

...well it's a bit of a blustery Sunday in San Diego county but the "storm" really never arrived. A few blustery blasts of wind and one little downpour and now it's sunny and blue skies. I know I shouldn't complain but odd how I can get psyched up for a day inside with rain falling outside and then actually feel a bit disappointed when it doesn't happen. My little yard and seedlings were looking forward to a gently drink and a rinse off...

I spent the day inside anyway, dusting, cleaning and putting away things in the spare room as my nephew arrives tomorrow from Ohio, to spend his spring break here in Calif. with me and his Grandpa. I found an old photo album of a half toothless 8 year old boy and here he comes, age 17, 6'2'' and sporting his driving temps! Where DO the years go? I'm looking forward to sharing time with him and showing off San Diego. I best get back to the preparations- making up the pull-out bed, assembling clean sheets, towels etc. I wonder if he's half as excited as I am! I'll have to downloand a photo of my sweet nephew once I can find one...I have a favorite from last summer in Indiana where he dwarf''s me with his towering height. Ha

Justin's High School football photo
The Golden Bears of Upper Arlington in Cols, OH

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Countdown to Puppy F's arrival

4 weeks from today I pick up CCI pup #5.

A female blondie. Here's a few photos of my past CCI babies. The top two are "Ever" and the bottom two are his half sister Affron who now goes by "Ronie"...

And here's Ever and my COC dog Kerry at play a few years back. Ah they grow up so fast!

Friday Night at the movies

Well I went and saw Julia Roberts in action tonight. "Duplicity" Nice to see her back on the big screen and fun to see a movie the first night of release...this one's a mind bender and you have to really pay attention. The type of movie that you don't want to give the ending away and spoil it for others before they see it. And actor Clive...ooh now that's my type. Not too good looking but masculine and debonair. (It's good but I far preferred "The Thomas Crown Affair"- the remake)
Duplicity's plot summary: Two spies. One con that could make them both rich. If only they could trust each other.

And what could end a movie night better than a coffee in a shop with live music? See the duo called Blackbird doing the Beatles if you're ever at La Costa Coffee near the UltraStar Theater.