The five service pups I've raised...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fly Ball Races in Ramona

Last Sunday I joined Julia for a drive to rural Ramona.
Within an hour we were in the rolling hills of eastern San Diego county.

She was invited to watch a friend's passion: Fly Ball and I came along with Kerry and little Francie.

Franice and Kerry here. I was proud how calm pup Francie was.

Kerry however was quite excited with the races and very eager to be involved if she could.

Here are a few trial runs, with dogs racing against each other and the clock.

This handler "revs" up her dog and gets him hyped for the race.

A practice at the ball retrieval end of the course.

This dog's name was Stare. (no wonder!)

Rebound with the ball and he turns quickly, to head back.

The shots that are blurry are because the dogs ARE that FAST, as in under 4 seconds for the whole course!

A blur of fur!

...closing in on the that ball...

...and BAM! he has it....

This one was wicked fast!

...can you tell?!


The hills are still lush and green from all the rain San Diego county has had this winter.
The desert flowers will be stunning.

Here are some short videos, that capture of the full race course although these dogs were the slower ones we were told.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiwanas Ugly Dog Contest

Spent Sunday March 7 at the annual Kiwana's Ugly Dog Contest.

That's Ronie above.
Jim took puppy in program Tatiana and since P.I.P Francie was still in heat, I took Ronie (Linda's girl) to give my Kerry the day off. Plus with the rain, 2 dogs were plenty.

They moved the event indoors which was quite a change from past years spent outdoors at the Del Mar Racetrack paddock area. I'm sure Kiwanas also felt the impact to their donations - but it was a very fun day. Besides the ugly contest there are a myriad of other categories to also enter. But we just watched and enjoyed the spectacle this year.

Many were already in the Irish spirit since it's soon St Paddy's Day.

me with Ronie

First up - CUTEST PUPPY Category:

CUTEST PUPPY ENTRIES. Really? How on earth do the judges pick one?

Here's the winner! Can anything really trump a golden pup?! Never

Ah but this is close...

and this button nose and fuzzy face...darling

The judging in fierce. Prettiest female entry...

Another female contestant.

This big guy received MOST HANDSOME male.

AND the Ugliest dog is ...


Of course it didn't hurt that his person actually campaigned for Rascal!
Here he meets his adoring fans after his win....

A trophy? A trophy? A stinking trophy!? Where are my cookies, some kibble at least something edible?! Hmmm this wiener leash looks tasty...

Bandit the Biker dog's protege' is this new guy - Chopper. Rest in peace Bandit - he looks like he'll make you proud. Do I need additional adornment? Then how about a sweater for this rainy day?

One pooped out pooch!

What a mug

Strawberry Season is here!

It's Strawberry season - yippee! This stand is in lovely Carlsbad and due to the valuable real estate, may not be around within a few years.

Rows and rows, acres and acres of strawberry plants...

Can't you just taste their sweetness? The first of the season are always the best!

It seems you can also buy the plants to take home and have your own harvest.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby is all grown up

Oops - a little blurry. But who would guess that just in a matter of a few weeks, THIS is the baby, all grown up.

Ah this is better - much clearer.
But now the possibly sad news, a few days later I checked and the nest was empty -the sad part? Well there was a partially dug hole at the base of the little tree trunk...did a dog get the baby hummer as it was learning to fly?
I guess I'll never know...but the circle of life... I will hope the Tiny One made it off into the great big world beyond it's miniature, meager beginnings.
After all there are plants to pollinate.