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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday April 11 – Woofstock- Peace, Love and Dogs!

Woofstock, the Dog Festival to benefit Canine Companions for Independence was a great success. I was worried when a highly unusual thunder (yes, thunder!) storm came through Encinitas Friday night. However, by Saturday morning it had blown on through and other than being breezy and overcast, it was a great day.

I did the walk with Kerry around Balboa Park. We stopped for photos in front of lovely flowers in bloom and chatted with friends as we saw them on our route. So, we missed the announcement that I came in third place for the fundraising! How exciting. I had gotten a late start in fundraising and only sent out my plea for sponsorship April 2. The deadline for the contest was April 3rd! (Somehow April just snuck up on me). But what makes America great is her giving heart and I saw this as many friends and family pledged what they could and as of today my total has beat what I raised for last years' Woofstock, with over $1200 raised. How generous, these contributioins from people with giving hearts- donating to this special cause so dear to me.

Kerry was entered in the costume contest. wearing her dreadlocks, tie-dyed headscarf and John Lennon glasses; a peace necklace and a tambourine. She tied for 3rd place as there were many with groovy outfits (dogs AND people!) see photos for evidence :L)

There was a Search & Rescue dog demo that was quite interesting. I most enjoyed the impressive disc dogs; flying through the air to catch Frisbees and even vaulting off their person’s back to catch the discs mid-air! I captured a few video clips that I will try to post as well. Kerry was so eager to join the fun and I saw a side that I had not seen in her for sometime. She barked and whined and pulled on her leash so eager to join the fun.

I also enjoyed meeting Baxter, a 19 year old therapy dog that visits hospices. He has a teddy bear face and is such a dear! See his link here:

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