The five service pups I've raised...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 4th is also Canine Companions for Independence's Birthday

Yarrow in her Drill Team parade uniform
Yarrow was in her second July 4th parade last week. Her first was last year, at age 6 month.
When Independence Day rolls around it always seems like the summer is going by much too quickly.
And this year is no different.
Toward the end of the parade, I took Yarrow over to the VIPs sitting in the grandstand. She greeted some of the top military officers in their striking dress uniforms and then I spotted an elderly gentleman in a wheel chair also in his military attire.  Yarrow sat and offered her paw when told to shake. The man grinned so big and that smile will stay with me for a long time.  His aide was also beaming and so happy I came over to them.
Yarrow spreading cheer

I always love the joy these puppies spread just by their presence and being with people...Canine Companions received a trophy again this year and here is sweet Yarrow admiring her mug in the reflection :)
Yarrow admiring the trophy

Thursday, June 28, 2012

She's Ba-a-a-a-ck!

Yikes, so my short break turned into a quite long break and I am back blogging after (gulp) a l-o-o-o-o-n-g 16 months absence! Yarrow is now 17 months old and in a little less than 2 months I (and my co-raiser Linda) return her to Canine Companions for her advanced training for the class of Feb. 2013 if she goes the distance!

She's peaked out at only 47 pounds so she's a petite gal just like her small framed (golden retriever) mother. And oh what an affectionate gem of a girl this little one is!

It's been an exciting adventure. I was denied access by TWO employers here in San Diego--> Cymer and Nokia. I went ahead and took both contracts since I needed the income naturally and fortunately Linda was able to take over Yarrow almost full time where I would get her only the weekends (well, Fri eve through Monday mornings). But, both contracts ended early, an indication that the recession for the USA is still far from over. I am now unemployed once more and while nervous about the future I am making the most of my time with Yarrow before she leaves for her advance training in Oceanside at the CCI kennels.

My first CCI pup - my change of career gal = Kerry III turns 11 years young in July and I can see dramatic changes in her pace and her physical stature. She's in great health and although she sleeps a lot, she still loves to play with the Francie and Yarrow and is happy. Recently I switched Kerry to a new home-made diet where I bake her food using a mix I order from Canada and add white fish and organic green beans. Its only been a few weeks so its too early to see a change in her candida (yeast) challenges (red dripping eyes, dirty ears, etc). Someone on Facebook had a golden turn 14 and swore by this food, so I figured it was worth a try. I also ordered their recommended wild Alaskan salmon oil in a pump so all the dogs now get this on their meals.

Francie's adventure I need to save for a future blog post - but the Readers Digest version is she is back home with me, as her forever home; and I'm thrilled to have her after giving her multiple opportunities to try different careers for her talents.

Here's Ever (my #4) now Dad's dog, Yarrow, Francie and Kerry
Francie, Kerry, Yarrow, and Ever posing for the coming CCI Golf Classic
Me with Yarrow at a recent wine tasting Puppy Outing; Ronie (my #3) in front; now Linda's pet and a hospital therapy dog
Kerry's new home-made food.