The five service pups I've raised...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

And they all came from wolves?

Jim and I attended the Silver Bay Kennel Dog Show today as Canine Companions for
Independence had an information booth we were volunteering for.
Before our shift we wandered around and took in all the happenings - so many dog related products and some serious toy shopping for spoiled pooches.
I'm always amazed at all the various breeds - the multitude of colors, sizes, fur types, ear types, tail types...and they all came from wolves? Just amazing!

Here's Marissa - CCI service dog extraordinaire for Jason
Tatiana II -Jim's service puppy in training below
At the CCI booth - Tat and Marissa

In the ring- the various trials (sporting, working, toy etc.)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainy (Dog) Days

Another winter storm front came through last night and this means more showers for San Diego. Encinitas picked up an inch, the most of any towns. I just love the sound of the falling rain. Kerry woke me to go out just about the time the deluge of rain burst forth, heavy in its weight as the clouds could no longer contain it. Ahh Kerry, poor timing. OK nature calls, so let's go...

Kerry padded downstairs, following me to the garage so I could put her Outward Hound rain jacket on her. She did pretty good not dilly dallying and then came back indoors where she still needed a good rub down to dry her off. But better than if she had not had her rain slicker helping to protect her some.

Here's a cute video of the last time we had our rains a few weeks back. In this first video Kerry models the jacket she only barely tolerates. Funny because as much as she hates to wear it, she also hates to get wet...

Kerry reluctantly models her rain coat...and then ventures outside.

Trying to find her perfect "spot" to take care of business in the rain...

Monday, February 15, 2010

"The Art of Racing in the Rain"

There's a stellar book called "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. It's a best seller and is going to be made in to a movie. But interestingly, it almost was never published because it's written from the perspective of a dog. A wonderfully charming dog named Enzo.

I highly recommend you read it if you want a completely fun and captivating read.

Well Garth, the author was recently local doing a reading in La Jolla at Warwicks' Bookstore.

Here is little Miss Francie sweetly doing a "lap" with Mr. Stein.

I can't wait to read more of his books now that I've "gotten to know him". His work is quite compelling and he was so fascinating, listening to him reading his story. His voice truly became Enzo's as he read.
I wonder who will be the voice for Enzo in the film...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Francie's First Visit to the Ocean

I took Francie to Cardiff State Beach today; it was her first visit to see the ocean.
It was so cute. All the smells! Her toes hit the sand, then her nose and up she came with grains of sand all over her black nose. She sniffed and then picked up a mouthful of sea kelp. Blah!

She froze and was transfixed by a little flock of seabirds pecking on the sand and running out toward the water and then back in as the waves rolled in after them.

Then she found a stick and tried to entice Kerry in a game of tug or chase. Here's the video:
It was a blustery day as a new storm front was rolling in for a wet weekend. We still met a few other dog walkers also out on the beach as well.

Francie's ears blowing as she watches other dog walkers.
Kerry, I love you!

Francie watched this pelican cruise low right in front of her...and then flap in and land above the boulders near the coast highway.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flowers are the Earth Laughing

Without a doubt we have abbreviated seasons in Southern California. While the rest of the country is still literally buried in snow, our blossom trees are budding with whites and pinks and my bulbs are coming up in my yard!

Today I noticed that I have a daffodil that actually bloomed this year...other springs have only brought me sprouted leaves. I was never able to get the bulbs to bloom. I think the recent rains must have soaked the earth enough to convince the flowers to come. And now this week we actually have a very warm Santa Ana with coastal temps in the high 70's.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Flowers are the Earth Laughing".
Well said Ralph!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A "Hum Dinger"

One day last week, on my dog walk in the morning, I saw this hummer darting back and forth into the lower branch on this tree. I walked over to investigate.

Then this week, I checked to see the progress and sure enough when I peeked into the nest - lo and behold two tiny hummingbird eggs! They look just like jelly bellie candies don't they?

I had my camera with me and took some shots. The mom would dart away and I could not get a good photo of her on the nest. But once I was a few paces away she'd shoot back and sit on the nest.

Years ago, I had a hummer nest right outside my upstairs window. It was so neat watching the parents feed the babes, and watching them grow until they finally both left the nest.
I will enjoy watching the progress of this hummer family too...