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Monday, April 27, 2009

Grown Ups can enjoy Disneyland too!

April 16 revisited -- A Day at Disneyland

We decided to visit Disneyland prior to getting new puppy Francie. So April 16, the week after Easter, Dad, Lyn and I ventured up to Anaheim. Well spring break crowds were still in place but time after time, we'd get quite lucky and as we walked up to a ride there would be hardly no wait. And as we'd leave, the crowds would just appear and the line would instantly grow and we'd think wow, did we get lucky! But this happened throughout the day, as though someome was looking out for us.

We 'fast passed' a few rides and got to go twice, the second time with no wait -woo hoo. We decided the front car on Space Mountain is a must! The Indiana Jones ride was silly fun with it's jeep ride just like 4-wheeling the bumpy lava fields on the Big Island getting to the remote beaches! The Haunted Castle - as creepy as ever. Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean have been improved and were really neat to re-enjoy. My favorite was Thunder Mountain - the old fashioned rickety roller coaster. While I also was ribbed for it, I really wanted to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, that's Lyn and I in our car. Dad was in the car behind us trying to take the photo without turning off the camera by mistake.

A few things I had never done was RailRoad Disney around the entire park- I learned that if they have the staff available you can ride Lillybelle the caboose car that Walt had designed and created for his wife; it's filled with antiques and a cast member rides with your party. I'll do that on another visit as that quite intrigues me.
AND we even rode the monorail -- man that is smooth. In a perfect world THAT is how we should commute to work. And I did not know, but found out that the "engine" actually takes up to 5 passengers so we did do that, riding right in the "nose" car, up front where we could see everything the conductor sees.

And since we're all on a budget we packed our lunch and then splurged only on ice cream and hot pretzels -shaped just like Mickey!

Ah, such a fun day. The happiest place on earth. And to think, it all started with a mouse. Here's to you Walt! Thanks for your dream.

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