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Friday, April 10, 2009

We're Ready for our Close-ups!

Such an interesting morning. Since I'm not working yet I thought here's a chance I can be involved to help promote Woofstock for Canine Companions. I woke at 5:30a.m., convince Kerry it's worth here getting up early (breakfast! - so she trots downstairs with me.) I get down to San Diego's FoxNews station by 6:45. We hook up out front with the rest of the gang gathered and their sweet dogs. We meet some wonderful new people and then wait for our turn, when the anchor girl will come back outside to interview Katie and do a live piece to promote Woofstock- tomorrow's Festival for Dogs & People in Balboa Park.

I put Kerry's costume on her, she's wearing a tie-dyed bandanna with dreadlocks and her John Lennon glasses - looking VERY hip and so 60's. (Here she is last night in her dress rehearsal posing for her portrait. ) So then this morning, the camera man comes right over to film her lovely mug; and she's frozen perfectly (many know Kerry; anything on her head and she'll hold the pose and wait, absolutely frozen! ~ Ha :)

There was a great blues band (Harmonica John & Friends) playing because they interviewed them for a harmonica group gathering, also on Saturday; see link here

They did a great interview with Katie from CCI, and then interviewed Rosemary (this is her below) and her service dog Eureka and even did a skills demo with CCI Trainer Becky and puppy in training, Racer. Racer did "tug" and opened a file drawer to pull out a gift-wrapped tie-dyed shirt to give the anchor girl (Chrissy Russo)!

It was so great! A wonderful plug for CCI and super PR coverage for tomorrow's Woofstock festival in Balboa Park.

So I get home to play back the tape only to realize I set my VCR for P.M rather than A.M!

Ahhh, the one time I can actually participate in something fun like this and I failed to record it. I'm SO disappointed in myself. Kerry was a star for 5 minutes and her Momma missed filming it....ah well. Maybe they'll play it again tonight at 10pm on FoxNews or tomorrow at 5 or 6 a.m. If I get really lucky there will later be a clip of the story on .

Here's the camera man outlining to Katie, Becky and other volunteers, what to expect and how the interview piece will flow.

It was great coverage for CCI and I'm sure a lot of folks saw it and will therefore come to Woofstock tomorrow. Groovy!

So here are the remaining photos from today:

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