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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunco Babes

How fun to have a house full of women to once a month gather to roll the dice and see who goes home a little bit richer!

Well in our third year, the Bunco Babes have branched out and we don't always play Bunco. Tonight for example, there were 9 rather than the 12, so we played L-R-C where we roll the dice to see if we pass money to the Left, Center (kitty) or Right. It's brainless, fast paced and easy enough that we could also have a ridiculously silly romance/passion discussion from a Glamour magazine article going on at the same time!

So, is this our version of a guys' poker night? Hmm. Far more fun I believe!

Somehow I just can't quite picture the same hilarity with a bunch of dudes smoking cigars and drinking beers! And oh yes, there are always dogs around...well almost always.

These are old photos from my place when I hosted April 2007 with an Easter bonnet theme...uh yea, I'd say nothing like a guy's poker night. Ha!

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