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Sunday, April 26, 2009

TV Junkie?

Francie has discovered television. Or what she knows as the box with fast moving objects.
Her favorites seems to be the CBS channel as they have the ball logo that their shows actors throw out toward the camera.
Oh and she loves car commercials as the cars drive across the screen which is highly interesting to her.

I finally got her to fall asleep on my lap this morning as I watched CBS Sunday Morning. She is usually too squirmy and interested in things to cuddle in while holding her in the house. But the air was cool so I had a fire in the fireplace with my morning coffee. And after her big breakfast and her full day yesterday she still seemed really tired. So we cuddled and she fell asleep across my chest with her little blonde just head below my shoulder.

Ah a perfect start to a Sunday morning...and the sun's warming things up so it should be a pleasant day after all with the morning chill burning off.
Well I best get the big girl Kerry out for her morning walk, while Francie is still down for the count.

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