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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend

Well the sun is out and my mood is is suppose to be a lovely weekend with the even warmer weather tomorrow. Kerry is patiently waiting for her walk so this will be brief. I plan to take her to the new trails and canyons I found near my home a few months ago.

I moved Grey Guy back into the spare bedroom and although it's near a window and he likes that, I think he will miss not being closer to Kerry and me in the master bedroom; like when I get ready in the morning or to go out somewhere and he can run back and forth on his cage floor eager to see Kerry (his girlfriend!)

I am raising money for Woofstock which will be April 11 in Balboa Park. It's CCI's festival to raise money for preparing service dogs for the disabled. I mostly help from a distance now like passing out postcards and magnets; and am not on the committee officially like the first two years it ran. But it's been fun to go to the festival as a participant and fund raiser. Two years ago I raised just over $2000, last year $1210 and this year in just 2 days from my email going out, wonderful, generous friends & family have contributed $625. The link can be seen at:
To find my page select participants and then enter my name.
It is so touching, this country of ours. Even when things can be so tough for so many, people are eager to contribute when they can. It really does warm my heart.
Off to the trails for Kerry and me...

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