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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation Time Flies

Why is it time at work can crawl while time spent on vacation speeds by at warp speed?

My week back here to IN and OH has sped by and already its time to fly back to San Diego this was so nice catching up with friends, seeing bits of their busy lives and what consumes them....and sharing too some of what I've been up to.

The weather has been most unusual with record cool days and only one day of rain during my entire visit. If this continues it will be Ohio's coolest July on record! I am not complaining but quite enjoying it as I hear there's been a heat wave back in S. California. I laugh that Ohio does this just to tease me, and try to lure me to moving back.

It's true every time I'm here I'm wondering and trying to picture myself back...could I really readjust? I don't really talk about it out loud anymore as I'm sure my friends and family just discount it since many times I ruminated about a move back.

As its the people I miss most of all. While I have my life in Encinitas, I truly miss my family, and close childhood friends...most people I know that stay in Calif without thoughts of ever moving are because where they moved from no longer has many people that they miss so much. The family has either scattered or often they too move to California.

Well off to lunch soon to make more vacation memories...then the long flight home.

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