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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

" I'm Kerry and it's my birthday! "

Today’s my birthday and I’m 8 years old. OK well really, last Wednesday July 22 was my 8th Bday but Mom’s internet connection wasn’t working. So she said if I wrote this she would still post it to her blog.

I love my birthday. I get special treatment and presents. My sister Ronie gave me a gift I got to open when Mom got home from her doctor appointment. The humans had their fermented grape juice and I got to open my present! It was a fun stuffed bone with a squeaker, and two balls and a rope tug toy - wow! Of course instantly Ronie wanted to try to take it from me just to make me play with her. But actually half the fun was tearing open the paper – I LOVE that part, always have.

Mom says when I arrived at 8 weeks old in September 2001, the entire country needed something to cuddle and love because everyone was sad and upset. I don’t remember much about that time but I do know lots of people at Mom’s office wanted to hug me and bury their face in my fur to smell me.

Today I wore my birthday bandanna that Linda sewed for me. Mom says I can wear it all week long and probably for the rest of the month to celebrate. Here’s a photo too with my newest little sister, CCI puppy-in-training Francie II. She turns five months old the day after my 8th birthday. She’s a pest sometimes and likes to tug on my bandanna. But she’s still a fun playmate (except for when I’m sleeping and she pounces on me!)

Well happy birthday to me….the dog park gang also gave me lots of pets and hugs to wish me a good day. I wonder why humans don’t make everyday a birthday celebration as they seem happier and treat each other and us pooches so well on birthdays. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write to First Dog Bo, in Washington DC and see what he can do about that.

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