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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

After Thanksgiving, July 4th is my 2nd favorite holiday. In conjures up memories of riding on a float in our neighborhood parade, as kids. A hand crafted Independence Hall that our dads worked so hard to make, built on a trailer bed, it was pulled by someone's pick up truck.

Another summer, memories of decorating our bikes in red, white and blue streamers to ride with our friends in the parade, waving proudly to our folks along the parade route; ending at the park where it was BBQs and picnicking. When I was older, it was marching in drill team with my high school marching band -oh those were hot days. And then there's the food memories = my mouth can still water from recalling hand churned ice cream and water melon.

America. It's had it stumbles and while it may have room for improvement and continued growth, there is no place on earth that better represents freedom! While other countries in the world like to put it down and find reason to denounce it, if you take a random survey of various citizens around the planet, most still yearn to be here or if not here, they yearn for the freedom and opportunity the United States of America represents. The concept of stepping away in faith to forge a nation, leaving a sovereign throne to create and establish a separate country...took courage. I recall what so many of our founding fathers gave up, to embrace liberty and independence from England. The young colonies ready to do what they must, to escape oppression and taxation. I hope we're not on the path back to such a state.

Today is America's 233rd birthday.
I will spend it with friends in lovely Coronado, watching the parade. This year's theme is "The American Dream". Then we'll have hamburgers and a potluck picnic at George's wonderful home.
The CCI pups and pet dogs will get to swim in the pool like last year's gathering, no doubt. This year, I will have little Francie in tow with Kerry. She's too young to do the parade, so she'll have to watch and wait until next year. It's also the 34th birthday of Canine Companions for Independence (founded in 1975). The CCI pups in training that are old enough will walk and wag along the parade route greeting their adoring fans. It's great distraction training for the pups; with antique car horns, clowns, horses, fire engines...oh yea!

What are YOU going to do to enjoy your Independence Day? I will also being thinking of our military around the globe and silently thanking them for their dedication. Happy 4th! ! !

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