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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hawaiian Baby Gecko

Here are the neat photos I took using the macro setting with my digital camera. He was SO CUTE!
Back in December, while I was visiting Kona, Hawaii I was delighted to find a baby gecko on Dad's lanai. Delighted because they were abundant in 1996 when I first started visiting the Big Island. But now they are not nearly as easy to find, as their food source has competition from a more recently introduced bright green gecko called the Madagascar Gecko.

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I loved sitting outdoors at night and hearing these little guys clucking away. And it was such fun to watch their antics as they charged across the ceiling on the lanai to snatch and then gobble down an unaware moth that was drawn to the patio light as Dad and I played cards.

The Madagascar day geckos, are stunning to look at due to their unique bright colors; they don't however seem to have the clucking or knocking sound I find so alluring.

I spent quite some time admiring this little guys toes, feet, huge eyes and large head. What a treat. Mother Nature is spectacular!

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