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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

CCI Volunteers in the parade

Me and Kerry -parade spectators
What a grand 4th of July. A day starting early, spent in Coronado for the parade and a cook out with my Canine Companion friends. Ah summer time food -ya gotta love it and everything tastes better outdoors.

POOL TIME at Jeep's


And then home to shower and relax and bit before walking down the street to other dog friends' Ben, Chris and Emma's lovely home. An impromptu gathering to watch Ben's neighbor launch fireworks in the street for the kids, to their squeals of delight.
Then, we ventured to their backyard which has a staggeringly gorgeous 180 degree view of the eastern hills. No fewer than 5 fireworks in the distance, were simultaneously occurring across the skyline. What a treat! It was a full stunning moon too, with some wispy clouds floating by it.

And....I was tickled when I got home to see my red, white blue lights twinkling away (after earlier technical difficulties.)
Happy Birthday America!

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