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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Golden Anniversary

I arrived on Thursday night to spend some time back in Ohio with family. This weekend I spent in Indiana for my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding oh my.

Like the song says...."good morning yesterday, you wake up and time has slipped away; and suddenly you look to find the memories you left behind. Do you remember, do you remember the times of your life?" An old Paul Anka song if I recall the artist correctly.

What it must feel like to look around a room and see your children, your grandchildren- (one who just returned from his honeymoon himself), friends and neighbors; your wedding party- who with good humor posed in the same order as they were on July 18, 1959. Fifty years of sharing your life together with your partner, the same partner. I can hardly fathom.

It was a wonderful celebration...Jason their youngest did a neat slide show set to music that played great photos of Betsy and Bob's special times and everyday moments as well.

It was great seeing all my cousins and catching up since I had not seen them since last summer. On the ride back to Ohio with my brother driving, as the farms and fields sped by, I thought to myself, what contributes to a lasting relationship? It is certainly not the norm these days as marriages seldom last.

How does one go about finding the right person to share a life with? Someone with whom they are truly compatible? Then as the years go by, how do you successfully fulfill your vows? That is to grow old together, for better and for worse? I think it really must begin with finding someone that shares, truly shares, the pillars of your beliefs, as this will be the foundation of your life together. It seems too that successful marriages permit give and take. Each individual is allowed to enjoy their individual passions but yet they can also share and encourage, one another. And what really helps from what I've seen, is that at least one person of the two, be really easy going. Almost like a tire tied to a dock acting like a protective bumper; when rough waters roll in, the tire butts up against the dock and absorbs the shock but also bounces back and protects the side of the boat that's floating on the surface.

Two couples this weekend, I enjoyed listening to. Particularly the men. Sharing with me something they were particularly proud of about their wives...whether it was the tennis they were so good at or an art class painting they did. How sweet to hear them brag.

I would like to find a good man like this...a companion to share life's journey.

Well I toast my Aunt and Uncle on the celebration of their Golden Wedding Anniversary. What a joy to have so many to celebrate with you. Such an accomplishment to achieve what so many find elusive.

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