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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Francie is growing up

Here is sweet Francie at 2 months, 3 months, and 4 months old, in order.
My, how she is growing! On July 17th Linda and I will take our 4th shot of her at 5 months old.

They say to double a dog’s weight at 4 months old to get their “adult weight”. So Francie is 34 pounds now so she may be around 68 fully grown. That’s about Kerry’s size or actually a bit larger as Kerry hovers about 60 lbs. now at 8 years old. Very trim.

Francie’s feet are still quite large and to me her head seems a bit small for her body, so she has some catching up to do. But her nose is still jet black, which I love. And oh, her “eye liner”! Just lovely, on that sweet face of hers. Her black skin in places shows through her blond hair so it almost makes her look like she’s dirty, even when she’s just had a bath.

She went to the office with me for the first time and has done great this week. Managing the tall stairs to get to my office; falling into an easy habit of where to toilet outdoors. And the owners’ two little girls just adore her and want to know when Francie's recess is, so they can play with her. I’ll post some shots of her at work once I have them downloaded.

Here is Kerry with Francie on July 3rd at the dog park in the neighborhood.

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