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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Night at the movies

Well I went and saw Julia Roberts in action tonight. "Duplicity" Nice to see her back on the big screen and fun to see a movie the first night of release...this one's a mind bender and you have to really pay attention. The type of movie that you don't want to give the ending away and spoil it for others before they see it. And actor Clive...ooh now that's my type. Not too good looking but masculine and debonair. (It's good but I far preferred "The Thomas Crown Affair"- the remake)
Duplicity's plot summary: Two spies. One con that could make them both rich. If only they could trust each other.

And what could end a movie night better than a coffee in a shop with live music? See the duo called Blackbird doing the Beatles if you're ever at La Costa Coffee near the UltraStar Theater.

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