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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday in Paradise

Well the week has sped by and as Justin has learned, vacations always go faster than a school week! We spent yesterday at Disney's Calif Adventure Theme Park (with the rest of the free world where EVERY child from 13-17 was on spring break and right there with us! Never the less we had a ball and did every thrill ride offered, some several times. His favorite was the Tower of Terror (free fall) while mine and Dad's was the Soaring Over Calif, Imax type film that the 'flight' actually takes you off the ground and soars you over various areas of the state of Calif complete with wind in your hair and scents of pine while over the redwoods and ocean salt air when over the sea! We closed the place and even hit In 'N Out Burger on our way home from Anaheim. My legs/feet were dead tired as I had volleyball the night before so boy was I ready for bed. Here's the photo the ride (Tower of Terror) took of us. Justin and Dad have their hands up on the lower right but I's screaming (in blue).

And here's Justin and I at Sunset and Hollywood Blvd at Disney Calif Adventure.

Then today, Saturday, we took a picnic down to La Jolla Cove and Kerry and Ever dogs were pleased they got to come along. Paradise provided the most perfect weather all week and even today another gorgeous day. We stopped at the Torrey Pine Gliderport on the way to LJ..... man I had not been there in probably 14 years. It used to be $60 for a tandem ride now it's $150 if you care to brave stepping off the cliff with a seasoned glider pilot. This photo here is from our brief visit to Moonlight Beach the other day. Justin braved the water but not for long as it's only 60 degrees this time of year (brrrr).

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