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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 3 of Justin's Visit

Justin and his Grandpa are down at the USS Midway Museum today and I will catch up with them later this afternoon.
After the museum Justin will meet with a friend from my OSU alumni group who is a SD Police Capt. She will have Justin walk her beat with her and chat with him. As Justin's goal is to become a police officer.

I am enjoying Justin's visit to Calif. We hiked again this morning, this time at a canyon area near my home. Justin was amazed at the view of the hills all around us, from being up so high.
Then I cooked him a 5 egg breakfast (yes 5) which he eats with (ewww) ketchup.
Last night he enjoyed meeting the dog park gang...I'll post some photos once my camera is charged up.
As we were leaving her home, friend Linda, said, "Why aren't you driving? For if you were MY nephew I'd have you chauffeuring me around!" and Justin said yea, Aunt Vick, let me drive. I had planned to anyway so now was the perfect time. Ah such flash backs of that feeling....remember THAT feeling of getting to finally drive after waiting to for sooo long? And then the nervousness and yet the exhilaration & sense of freedom -such an adult activity. Gosh how I remember that feeling of being behind the wheel.
Ohio like many states, now has drivers with one license until they are 18 and then they earn their full license (they go from a vertical photo id to the traditional horizontal photo license). So I let him drive my Tucson home. Justin decided right there he REALY liked Lyn. :)

Then back home, Grandpa came over with Ever dog and he and Justin grilled the chicken while I did the caesar salads, baked potatoes and broccoli. We had a nice dinner together.

Yes, I am really enjoying Justin's company.

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