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Saturday, May 30, 2009

And the Director yelled, "Action!"

High School graduation. A milestone. It's that time of year - proms, grad nights, graduations.
Today I went to Brian's HS graduation party.

Now I don't know this young man super well however I know him enough to know I like him immensely. Brian has wonderful parents, fun, down to earth, good folks. He is close with his younger brother, Danny; he is polite and takes the time to acknowledge and greet you with a smile. I know this family from my neighborhood dog park - they have wonderful goldens, "Brody and Emma".

Brian was ecstatic to be accepted into LMU (Loyola Marymount University)'s Film Production program. He is creative by nature and we were all treated to a neat film short he did as a school project this year in his multi-media class. I was impressed by the editing and background music; it seemed so polished for a student film.
Brian's dog park friends all went in together to get him a giftcard to the local mall and Linda made him a superb custom card to hold it. I used a photo that was in his graduation announcement, to "manually" photoshop it into him accepting an Oscar award. Here are some photos from today's party. A fun gathering for all.

Here's Brian's graduation announcement.

And I used this photo here below

to this, the finished product:

Here's Brian opening one of his other cards (many were dog cards)

Brian's proud Mom, Pam (a great photographer in her own right)

Brian (center) with Alec one of his stars/friend on far left, star/brother Danny; friend Lisa, Mom Pam and dog park friend Linda who made the card we all signed.

Ah to be young again with the adventure ahead of campus, college classes, new friends, independence - living away from home for the first time...

We all joked that we want to be in Brian's future films and for him to remember us when he's famous!

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