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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Molly, our favorite Golden-Doodle turned three today.
So Rose, Molly's person, threw her a party on the green belt. At one point we counted 21 dogs, but I know there were more as the evening wore on. That's Molly above, flanked by Ronie on her left and Kerry on her right- all wearing their birthday bandannas.

We pitched in and got Molly a set of RoughWear Grip Trex hiking books to protect her paws when she moves to Alaska later this month; as come winter she will need them.

Molly in true spirit, allowed Rose to put them on her and as awkward as they must have felt she pranced around trying to figure out exactly what were on her feet..."you call this a birthday gift?" she must have been thinking. "Bring on the birthday cake!" We fired up the grill, and while we were short enough charcoal, the kids had a ball attempting to roast their marshmallows on skewers to make s'mores.

Here are some photos from the party - that's Rose and Molly showing off her new RED boots. I'll also add a video of Kerry trying on Molly's boots yesterday as the video from today's party didn't turn out so well.

Fun to think how all we neighbors have formed our little doggy community, joined together by the love for our 4-legged friends.

Kerry in the parking lot at the green belt trying on Molly's boots:

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