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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Made Plans

So no matter how much you plan, sometimes things just don't go your way. Tonight's Bunco replacement was to be a water aerobics class at the Plunge in Mission Beach.
So as the 10 of us showed up carrying our towels and beach bags, poor LeAnn had just been told by the front desk that the pool was being closed due to an accident. Ah, disappointment!

Well OK, plan B. We headed downstairs and had a fantastic mini session with Julie the Physical Therapist and would-be water aerobics instructor. She instructed us on floor mat work for strengthening our core...that's right sucking in those abdominal muscles and tightening up our bellies as we learned the truly correct way to do a sit up. Wow! What a difference; doing these exercises while isolating our lonely smaller muscles that rarely get used, since we too often lazily let our large muscle groups take over.

Picture us all laying on the floor passing a large yoga ball from our legs to our hands, passing it back over our heads and then back to our legs; all the time keeping our legs elevated.
You're going to feel that trust me! Julie showed us several great moves for our cores and most importantly the proper form to execute them.
After my pilates class this morning, I'm wondering if I will be able to walk at all tomorrow when I get up!?

Afterward, leaving with our neat toning bands Julie made for us to take and use at home, we departed to do what Bunco Babes do best- drink and talk....except when we got there the WaveHouse Restaurant was taking last call early; really early like 7:30. I guess it's more of a summer place and since school is not yet out, they were dead and thus closing early. Closing?! OK so plan C.

We ended up on the top level of the Sandbar grill right across from Belmont Park roller coaster. But wa-la! it was $3 draught night AND buy a burger get one free - so A I G, baby (it's all good).

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