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Friday, May 1, 2009

New Parents

OK I admit it, Linda and I are as shameless as any new parents with their newborn. We are having a ball with little Francie, as she is just so precious.

I'm posting today videos of Francie with the hiccups and one of me teaching her to sit, while we were at the greenbelt this week.
Also I'll add the footage of Ronie and Francie playing tug when Lyn came over for dinner and watching Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday.

And lastly, here are the still photos of Francie's first bath last Sunday - in the kitchen sink no less. A bit tricky taking a photo with a wet, moving puppy that just wants to climb out! She was pretty good but kept lapping at the bath water.
We've had her for 2 weeks yesterday and my how she has grown. She is eating about 5 pounds of puppy chow a week and I need to weigh her, but I bet she has gone from 9 pounds to about 16. Be sure to watch until the end of the hiccup video, as she does her signature trademark, and crossed her paws. (do I hear an "ahhhhh"?) Yes, I believe I do.

Above, Francie has the hiccups - so funny. Listen closely!

Francie learning to sit:

...and here are Ronie and Francie's tugging contest with a pair of rolled up socks that come apart

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