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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the Vet appointments continue

(Francie II at age 9 weeks - April 2009)

After a rough weekend with some very red eyes causing Francie to actually squint; and with her having very little energy to engage or play, we got her into the Vet Monday just like he wanted when he returned my emergency call to him on Saturday night. Yesterday's exam had Linda and I leaving with eye drops for her poor swollen red eyes, which Doc thinks is just a flare up of allergies.

We never did determine what her spike in temperature was from last week's appointment; but are happy that returned to normal.

Well the vet called today and Francie's fecal shows traces of the parasite Giardia.
He had wanted to wait to give her, her needed immunizations until she was done with her eye drops and now, he also wants her done with her Giardia meds.
Yeesh a year and a half of a wonderfully healthy service pup in training and now so close to turn-in, all this!

So he'll see her again on Monday before he leaves for vacation and hopefully give her her final series of vaccines then (12 days before turn in back to Canine Companions.)

Get well sweet baby, we want you healthy for canine college!
Time flies when raising a puppy.
Francie at 8 weeks old tugging on breeder dog Terrence's leash.

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Sam said...

We will keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! Good thing you caught it!