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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Black Among Blondes

So I am puppy sitting a friend's CCI PIP (pup-in-program) while he is in the hospital...sadly enough he may not even be well enough in time, to get to take his pup Tatiana across the stage for Matriculation when the ceremony takes place August 14th.
I hope for the best for him; in the meantim
e I offered to puppy sit his sweet, petite Tatiana II. Here's a photo of her. Isn't she darling?
I've never had a black lab to raise for CCI myself, I prefer the blondes for various reasons but Tatiana is a darling.

She is Francie's buddy and in the same classes on Monday nights. They are just weeks apart in age and Tat is, in fact the pup Francie has done several trips with this year (like Yosemite a
nd Easter weekend in Orange County). So they get along quite well.

Yet it's Linda's week so Francie
and Tatiana are not here at my home together. I took Tat to puppy class this week, and while Linda handled Francie, I did Tatiana's commands during class. She is so solid with her commands, but alas -she has some real challenges while at home; she tends to alert bark when she hears sounds.

Practicing the "back" command

Coming to the "side" command

A finished "side" command; she seeks approval

From her body language she obviously knows she's doing something that's not permitted but it's as if she can't help herself. And right after doing so she'll come over to me and fawn for attention as if to apologize. Well they are who they are, so we'll see how she does in Advanced Training.

Her future is up to her.
(as it always is for all of these pups)

P.S. Kerry III, my first CCI pup to raise and now a COC (change of career) dog turns 9 TODAY, JULY 22.
Hard to believe she was the little pup that started me down this road 9 years ago.

Love you Kerry!


Sam said...

We wish her owner a speedy recovery! She is quite the looker though, and very adorable!


Ms. ~K said...

Our mom loves them all: yellow, black, chocolate...
She's a Lab-aholic!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

CalBuckeye said...

Thank you Sam...he's on the mend and was lucky to catch his infection when he did. It will be a few months though. Being wheelchair bound creates many challenges for even seemingly minor issues,

CalBuckeye said...

Of course she does Zack, Sassy and Buddy! All labs are just so darn lovable!