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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Almost Turn-In Time

Francie at 1 month old and at 16 months

Four weeks from tomorrow Linda and I walk across the stage to present Francie II for her advance training at Canine Companions for Independence's Southwest campus in Oce

CCI matched up her parents, had her come into this world and planned for this destiny for her, all along- so now it will soon be time to see if Destiny also chooses the same for her.

I go back and forth between thinking -no way her ball drive and prey drives are too strong -they'll release later thinking wow! what a great "stay" she has, holding her command when her ball is thrown right by her -she'll make someone a great service dog; maybe a deaf person, as she has SO much energy and loves novel sounds -yea, a hearing dog - Francie wold be perfect for that!

So you see I really have no way of possibly knowing what her future holds AND these dogs often surprise their puppy raisers -by either outcome.
I just know I love her to bits as does Linda. We did our very best to socialize her, build her confidence, expose her to new environments and train her the basic 30 commands. Soon it will all be up to her. Where ever she lands, we know she was meant for that very place.

Tonight I went to dinner with a friend and we met a service team; a gal in a wheel chair that graduated with her gorgeous black lab 2 years ago. I whispered in Francie's ear as they headed away - pay close attention Francie, that is what you are aspiring to be.

10 minutes later she was pouncing on bubbles in the grass as we walked by the park on our way back to the car.
Oh boy.

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