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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Patriotic Pups

Lovely Coronado, CA - it started as a cool breezy day and parade watchers were bundled in their blankets and sweatshirts.
But by the time we were back at the house for the BBQ and pool party the SUN was OUT!


The first ever Southwest Region CCI puppy drill team made it's debut this past weekend at the Coronado July 4th Parade. The audience loved us and broke in to cheers and applause when we passed by and they were even more enthusiastic when we did our mini routine = "Sit" "Shake", "Down", "Heel", and "Let's Go" in unison.
Jim was our fearless leader blowing the whistle to cue us to certain maneuvers.
(we've been in many parades -but this was our first drill team exhibit- but based on it's success, it won't be the last.)

That's us in our red caps and blue shirts with our pups alongside in their stars and stripes bandannas. Francie and I are in the center of this shot.

An Admiral and his lovely wife with Francie in the dignitaries' parade stands

Francie with buddy Tatiana who also turns in Aug. 14 waiting to take our spot in the parade.
The waiting is always the longest part of a parade.
The Marine Corps band is behind us - Semper Fi!

That's Francie on the pool's edge wanting the toy but not willing to go in the water to get it!

Here's Francie and me when I was drying her off from chasing toys near the pool. She doesn't care for swimming -go figure!

Happy Independence Day! ! !

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