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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time Winds Down

It's my week once more to have Francie, our sweetie. It's good to have her back as Lyn had for two weeks in a row due to her scheduling needs. Francie is on the mend from her health issues of recent days. She should still have her eye drops twice a day, the Vet said and her last immunization shots will come this Monday.

These are the challenging days, filled with mixed emotions.
When you know you will soon be parting, it's hard to not be emotional.

I find myself watching her more, taking more photographs, trying to remember every little thing about her. As we quite possibly won't see her for 1/2 a year, as she trains on campus for her future role as a service dog for someone.
In the old days, puppy raisers could visit the pups they had turned in; but then Canine Companions decided it was too hard on the dog, too confusing.

Ugh, waiting that 6 weeks for the first report to come back of how she's doing...was she spayed?...still in tact for consideration as a breeder? she adjusting to kennel life? Who is her roommate? Which trainer does she have? From August until the beginning of October will seem an eternity. She's lucky that she doesn't know time as a concept; of the coming change to her days, her life.
What bliss to just go about her day, eat, play, train, chase her ball - oblivious to the new experiences that she soon will be experiencing -just 8 days from now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tonight Francie attended another Friday night TGIF Concert in the Park with some friends and me.
She did great and was quite the hit as the photo of the people she is greeting, clearly shows.

I sure will miss her sweet face and that nose, always nudging me to play fetch with her.

Time is winding down.

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Ms. ~K said...

Hugs to you for all you do.
Belly rubs to sweet Francie.