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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

OK so these all aren't original to me, however I liked them enough, that in addition to my own private resolutions, I also plan to:

Watch Less TV – I actually started this one last year and LOVED all that I accomplished by NOT have the tellie on to distract me. Balloon Boy, Tiger Woods and John & Kate? Life is too short. I resolve to watch even less TV in 2010. When I watch, it should add value to my life.

Watch Less News – We can get more of everything in life except “time.” The news focuses on the negative and the sensational. Not a productive use of our time. I resolve to watch less negative, toxic news in 2010.

Don’t Spend Money you Don’t Have – If everyone followed this philosophy the financial system would not have collapsed and the government would not be $1.5 trillion dollars in debt. In my family, if we don’t have money, we don’t buy it.

I resolve to only buy what I can afford in 2010.

Last night on the Learning Channel, the show "Brace for Impact" was a documentary on US Air's Capt. Sullenberger who safely landed his jumbo jet on the Hudson 1 year ago. The passengers that were interviewed had a whole new perspective on their lives.

Without going through an ordeal such as that, I hope to strive this year, for that kind of clarity in my life.

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