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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Francie Through the Months

A rainy January. Us at the dog park.
Age 11 months (10 months in, 7 to go)

When Linda and I picked up Francie II from CCI in April of last year (we're co-raising this puppy together; sharing all the joys and trials) we started taking photos each month to capture her development and how quickly she's changed, as she's grown. This month was tricky with our schedules plus with the winter rains that San Diego has been blessed with, it was tricky finding a time between storms to get the January shot. We ended up taking the picture at our dog park rather than the usual spot we had been using.

But at last, here it is above - Francie at age 11 months; next month she'll turn 1 year old. We keep in touch with some of her siblings. We learned Flower was released from Program in the North Central (Ohio) Region for excessive fear. Poor dear, she has selected another career and will find the right home for herself I'm confident.

Two pups Francie's age that are in her training class, have come into season (pups Garden and America). But each female is different just as in humans. Yet Lyn and I will keep a watch. The females are boarded at CCI's campus for 3 weeks while in heat to avoid accidentally matings.

I received my postcard this week, in the mail announcing Feb 20 as the next CCI graduation (see and May's date as well. That means the next postcard I receive will be for Francie's turn-in, in August. Oh my. I don't want to even think about that yet as I just know this year will fly by.

To see the changes in her since we picked her up at 8 weeks here she is in April, June, Aug, Oct. of last year.

8 weeks old and 4 months

6 months and 8 months

Our girl at Puppy Social 2 weeks ago.

Play time, so she's stopping just long enough from running for me to take this shot...


Ms. ~K said...

She is a beauty!
I know I couldn't be a puppy raiser, but so thankful for those of you who can.
Hugs and belly rubs to Francie,

Life With Dogs said...

I always love seeing before/after pics. I miss having a puppy around. :)