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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches!

It’s too bad that weather can create such havoc for some when it arrives, because generally I LOVE it. Living in such a semi-arid place that typically has such awesome year-round weather, I've adored watching the mightiness of Mother Nature this week.

That is, since I’m not working and therefore don’t have to drive in it.
So it is oh so nice to be at home, hunkered down watching the wind whip the trees around and the rains come down in torrents.

This is El Nino of 2010.

It’s a doozey of a storm that last Sunday, was predicted to last all week with a series of storms, one after another. They were all sitting off the coast out above the Pacific waiting to roll in. Well true to form, we have had 1-2 inches every day. Yesterday we even had lightening/thunder AND even two tornadoes that touched down.
Now I used to brag that although we have earthquakes, fires and mudslides in Calif I was able to leave the tornadoes back in Ohio – but I guess that is no longer true!

The waves are huge, and the coast highway was saved from flooding only because it was not high tide.
It's supposed to nail us again tonight and tomorrow and not let up until Saturday morning. When it’s all over- we will have gotten one half of our year’s total rain in just this ONE week!

I went to Swami's to watch the brave surfers ride the 18 feet swells and I ventured over to Cardiff State Beach.

Here are some videos I took today.
The videos are from Dad’s deck; I was shaking out the patio furniture covers to empty out the water and let them dry. But they look like I could take flight in the “parachutes” the wind created as I shook them! Check out the water the flies out of the cover in the one video.

Today Southwest Airlines cancelled ALL their flights from San Diego airport and Phoenix. Even Sea World and Lego Land closed and they are opened 365 days a year. Unheard of.

The good from these storms hammering us is: the trees self-prune that’s a new word I learned from the weather casters this winter. But really, everything is SO clean. Loose leaves and pine needles are whipped out of the trees. Sidewalks, roads and the local world in general, is rinsed off and scrubbed clean by Momma Nature, everything is so clean and fresh. I just love the fresh crispness of the outdoors after a good, hard rain shower.

Tonight we got hail and more lightening. Oh my – a huge thunder clapped just above my house just now, mercy that is loud.
Time to get off the computer I think.

A rainbow today across the green belt from my home. A reminder of a promise long ago. . .

It’s so comical to see Kerry dog wear her raincoat outside to potty. She hates me putting it on her, but once it is, she seems to then take her time knowing she can sniff around and not get as wet as she would without it.

Ahhh but that's another blog for another day....G'Nite

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I enjoyed my visit to your great blog...The pups are beautiful!
Hugs and belly rubs to Kerry and Francie,