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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have been associated with and volunteering for Canine Companions for Independence since 1996. And like many of it's volunteers, most of the time I feel I get far more back, then what I give - the friends I have made, the love from the pups I receive and witnessing the miracles the partnerships create!
Some years back CCI began an annual tradition of recognizing volunteers by having a party in January. Today those that could, met at the SW Regional Center in Oceanside and were spoiled by the CCI staff. They served us wonderful pasta, a garden salad and cake. Trophies were awarded to volunteers that routinely go over and above in their efforts. There was a raffle with great prizes, and fun games to play.

Today's theme was the Olympics. The staff came in carrying American flags to the Olympic theme song. One of the trainers was dressed in drag as an ice dancer. It was a fun afternoon.

me with Francie

Here are some shots I took from today and a few fun videos of one of our doggy games: Doggy Down. It's like musical chairs but when the music stops the PR commands their pup "down". The slowest pup to respond drops out until the champion is the last dog "laying" so to speak.
Francie did okay and made it to about the top 5 out of 10 for her age group (7 - 12 months old).

The staff arrives in a procession with American flags.

Gloria with new arrival she is fostering - "Harrison"

The first one is of the graduate teams playing the game. Daniel is a good sport when Cinnamon is too distracted with Francie being right there, to promptly do his down.
In this second video it's a crack up because the one dog has his butt in the air and is too busy trying to rub off his halti. Too funny! (this is puppies aged 13 - 18 months)
This third video is sweet as service dog Marissa hears to the command but just doesn't execute it fast enough...

So great seeing all the new babies; here's Davi with a fluff muffin.

Love seeing the new babies that have arrived at campus...

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