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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Low Tide Ride- June 28, 2009

What a glorious June day in America's finest city. Today was the lowest tide of the year.

I was invited to participate in the Coronado Low Tide Stride and Ride put on by the Coronado Rotarians. It was wonderful and oh so very scenic. The early morning fog lifted and the sun was out by 8 AM. This was worth waking up at 5:30 AM on a weekend!

I met Celeste at 7 AM and we rode south from her lovely home in Coronado, 9 miles to Imperial Beach where we registered and then rode BACK along the hard packed shoreline of the Silver Strand as its called. This is an area that the military uses and it is typically off-limits to the public. So it made it extra special to ride the 8.2 miles along this lovely stretch of beach.

We eventually passed Coronado's grand dame - the Hotel del Coronado. The stride/ride finished just south of dog beach. At the finish line, there was even an area set up where they hosed the sand off our bikes and then re-lubed our bike's gears and chain. Nice!

Here is the finish clock at the end. We did a nice pace but did not kill ourselves. In fact we were the pacers for a guy jogging who's aim was to keep us in his site as we peddled along.
My only sore spot was my tushy! I should have worn my padded biking shorts even if they are warm. The protective padding would have helped. I thought (mistakenly) my own body's padding would be plenty.

The view as we rode was so stunning; the crashing of the waves, glistening sand dollars on the beach, pelicans diving head first into the surf for their breakfast.
The photo below was the hardest part, that is pushing my bike through the powder sugar sand at the end; very challenging after a 17 mile bike ride.
Kerry was waiting for me and was happy to take a romp in Celeste's neat year, and play with her lab and golden kids - Navaro, Asta and Gail.
This is Kerry here on the porch with Celeste's kids.

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