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Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye, Farewell

What makes goodbyes so difficult? Is it because it’s the end of special times you had with that person? Do the goodbyes make you realize the times you enjoyed together you wished you had cherished more? Or perhaps, knowing that going forward, you won’t have that special person’s company to enjoy as you have in the past.

For whatever the reason, everyone knows that it’s just plain hard to say good bye to a friend and not feel a knot of sadness at the departure; even when there’s adventure and excitement on the other end for them, where they are going.

And so it was tonight for our dog park gang. Time to say goodbye, as Rose, her daughter Mariah and golden doodle Molly leave tomorrow to head north, up the coast from Encinitas, CA all the way to Kenai, Alaska. A big move! She leaves behind family, her job at the elementary school, and her friends and neighbors -some she’s known for 12 years.

While I don’t know Rose super well -I am very fond of her. Many a night we chatted and talked about family, careers, men and dogs. Once we even went to town for a dinner and some wine. She is a great listener and easy to share with. I’ve known her for a little over three years and Rose is just one of those people that can make you feel so at ease; with a quick smile and an easy laugh. We had a great send off party for her on Saturday night, and it was easy to see how well liked she is by many, as there was quite a turn out. It's a fun group that is quite a mix of varied people = married couples, singles, families with teens and also young families with wee ones; and what originally brought us all together was the love our tail wagging fur friends. ...and Molly -now Rose's golden doodle is about the most affectionate, sweet girl you could ever meet. So eager to please she even comes to lean against your leg when you're scolding your dog, just to let you know it's not her that's in trouble.

At her party on Saturday night, we gifted Rose a hand-crafted scrap book with our messages and photos of us with our dogs. It brought her to tears. But it was the perfect gift as it will provide her sweet memories of her friendships left behind, but always just an email or phone call away.

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