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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Francie's Progress

So to my delight, I received the most wonderful return email from the officer that is training with Francie for her sniff training/narcotics role. I had invited them to this Friday's CCI Graduation (as Fay, Francie's sister has been matched and there will be a total of 12 teams graduating with their new partners!)
Here is the email I received back from Officer Tom: my heart is bursting with pride for the wonderful progress Francie is making.

Unfortunately Francie and I can not make the CCI graduation Feb 11. Francie and I are in narcotic detection school, week 3 of 5.

Francie is doing great, she knows all the narcotic odors and alerts to the scent by scratching at it. The scratching was no easy task, because Francie is such a polite dog.

My biggest challenge with Francie is showing her she can be "bad" to find the drugs.

We will come down there to visit and also to come to another graduation. I am allowed to take field trips, especially to the people who raised an awesome partner for me.

And I while I pick up my 6th puppy on Feb. 18, this chapter is far from over as I follow sweet Francie Pant's path.
Good girl Francie, good dog.

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Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

OH, what a delightful report on Francie! Congrats!!!