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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Future for Francie

Well the days somehow got away from me but 3 weeks ago (Nov. 19), I received "the call" from CCI that Francie was being released from the CCI service dog program, but with the good news she was reviewed, considered and accepted into what CCI calls an "affiliated agency". In her case it is the Ontario, CA police dept as a Search & Rescue dog!

Linda and I are thrilled. It took me a bit since in the old days, a dog as high-energy and ball driven as Francie got returned to her puppy raiser so a part of me really thought she was coming home to me if she did not make the service dog route. Yet the more I thought about this new job for her, it really is her perfect career. She gets to go to work every day and "sniff and find" to earn her coveted tennis ball (I imagine that is what they will use for her motivation).

Here is the email I sent out to my "Francie Fans":

I am so proud and thankful this Thanksgiving Time to share the news that miss Francie has been selected to work in Search and Rescue; released from CCI and place with an officer that will do drug detection at Ontario International Airport in Ontario, Calif. That ball drive and desire to be active will be put to good use after all, she just had too much energy to be matched with a person in CCI's field (assisting someone with a disability).

If for some reason she does not successfully complete her training for Drug Detection K9 officer, she will be released to me/Linda as a pet (not likely-as these dogs succeed 99% of the time.)
She will live in the home with the handler and never be placed in any dangerous situations with weapons, bombs etc. The police dogs would go in first on those type of assignments.

I have mixed feelings as I love her so and miss her greatly, yet as we always say, they land where they are most needed.
Thanks always for your support, love and encouragement.
Look for news on my 6th CCI puppy in February!

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Elijah and Dembre said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog :) Excited to hear the big news. My friend Mary Beth got her ninth dog accepted as a SAR dog and another CCI PR friend recently had her dog Gustaf placed as a SAR dog in Pennsylvania. Hope Francie does well!!! As a puppy raiser you want what's best for your pup and when they get released but go on to do another important job I'm sure it makes you feel great!