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Monday, February 28, 2011

The bonding has begun. . .

It was interesting having Linda take Yarrow for the first week. While I found Yarrow adorable I didn't really feel connected with her until this week where it's my turn with her full-time. And now? Oh now - I just adore her and am marveling at all her nuances.

Yarrow is extremely bright and cocks her head more than any of my prior pups - a sign most say, of intelligence.
She is bored being held and wants DOWN (now!) to explore.
Hates her crate as again ditto above- she wants out to explore!

She is quite affectionate and knows she can look up at me and rest her paw on my shin to be picked up on our morning grass walks as we trail behind Kerry who is off doing her sniffing.
She has loads of energy - plays hard and then sleeps hard. Ah the life of a puppy.

Yarrow is at my office with me this week and is doing well - but is most happy being out of the crate and laying at my feet playing with her toys. I on the other hand, get nervous afraid I may wheel over her toes with my chair. So back in the crate she goes even if she does protest a bit.

But the barking is a lot less than the one day from last week when I watched her for Linda. Yarrow is still quite tiny and there was only one other puppy smaller than Yarrow in her puppy kindergarten class tonight. Yet Yarrow still did the 2 story stairs, straight to the top, at work with me today!
And these are some TALL stairs for a 9 week old.
(In fact, here's a shot of Francie at work when she was at the top of those very stairs @ 5 months old.)

Today we learned that Yarrow's Daddy is Camden - not the Black Lab Hickman also mated to Keara. So Lil Red Yarrow is 1/2 golden and 1/2 yellow lab - the same mix as my Kerry girl.
AND I just love that combo. (Kerry's Momma was more gold in color where as Keara, Yarrow's Mom is quite red - thus Yarrow's coloring.
So pretty.

Welcome Yarrow! My heart is filled with gladness from your presence!

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