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Monday, March 7, 2011

Yarrow Settles in and Explores

Yarrow is settling in and this past week was my first full week to have her, since Linda and I are co-raising and sharing this wonderful experience, as we did with Francie.

We fell into a nice little routine although I have not yet found my organization mode fully, as with a puppy (like a baby) ya need your wits about you, it takes longer to get ready AND you need more STUFF to lug with you. :D) I felt like I was always two paces behind where I wanted to be. But it's all good and we'll fall in synch soon enough. It just takes a bit, as I DID have a 6 month break since Francie's turn in last August.

Yarrow is my first pup to get to share the experience on Facebook and actually follow and share with Yarrow's litter mates and THEIR puppy raisers. What a great CCI family there is - like one large alumni group across the country.

Yarrow enjoys exploring her world, here she checks out my garden. Always on the move I was lucky to get her in the frame!

She enjoys walking with Kerry in the mornings on the green belts. She found a pine cone and Kerry's nose can be seen as Ker loves to peel pine cones and is ready to steal this one from little Yarrow.

Kerry does play with Yarrow and their favorite game is "keep away".

Across from my home, Yarrow checks out the smells on the green belt.

I believe the company of another dog makes for a self-confident well-adjusted puppy.
Kerry has been a wonderful big sis to five other puppies I've brought home from CCI. I didn't know it then but I believe it now, that THIS was indeed Kerry's role in life as a release dog, to be a mentor to the puppies that I take on and my companion for support when it's time to give them back. Well done good and faithful one, Kerry!

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