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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great (dog) Pumpkin

I love October.
I don't always have plans to attend a costume party or go to a pumpkin patch. Indeed this year will be a rather quiet "spooky season".

Ah but the fun memories of Octobers past.
I enjoy dressing the dogs up, but only for a photo op or our Halloween card. I'm clearly aware of most dogs' disdain for the ridiculous costumes we humans adorn them with this time of year (or really anytime there is a reason- see recent past blog for Surf dogs). I suspect many of you have even received the popular emails that circulate of various dog costumes. My sister's Golden "Bo" always LOVED being dressed up since he reveled in all the fuss and attention he received, so it really depends on the dog. Some of my favorite October pics from past years...

2009 - My Francie and her sister Fay at Bates Nut Farm. They are now both in advance training in Oceanside at Canine Companions for Independence, for future roles as service dogs hopefully.

2009 - Francie as a kitty and Kerry wearing the witch's hat for our Halloween card that year.

CCI puppy #4, Ever at the pumpkin patch

2006 - Ever as "Batdog". Funny enough but even has the long face when not in costume.
He's now a favorite Therapy Dog at Scripps Hospital with Dad.

My dog-o-lantern from 2006.


Sam said...

Nice pictures! We are wanting to carve a pumpkin similar to your this year. We will have to post our results - hopefully it comes out as well as your did!


Elijah and Dembre said...

Hello my name is Elijah,
I'm a first time CCI puppy raiser, with Black Lab/golden cross, Dembre (dem-bray). I'm happy that I found another CCI blog. If you want to stop by our blog, the address is:

LoveTailWags said...

Hello and "welcome" to CCI Elijah!
I look forward to visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing the link!