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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kowabunga Dude!

I took my #4 pup (now Dad's boy) Ever and my #1 Kerry to Del Mar to check out the surfing dogs.

Dog Beach has the notoriety to host an annual dog surfing contest to benefit the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Several have been on YouTube numerous times - Ricochet is one such local K9 surf celebrity.

The dogs are in competition against other dogs their size and then there are heats to see which dogs ride a wave for the longest time. The crowds were enthusiastic and cheered whenever a pooch caught a good ride.

We enjoyed our day and Kerry even got some play time to romp along the sand and waves; wanting to retrieve another dog's toy of course.


Sam said...

How fun! I remember a book years ago called "Riptide" about a dog that loved the beach. I imagine all those dogs were in absolute heaven!


LoveTailWags said...

I'll have to check out that book Sam. Well I know this day was for a good cause but I always hope that folks really tune into their dogs to see if they enjoy it or whether they have any misgivings since I hate to think about a person that insists their dog take on an activity they have no interest it -i.e. having a dog surf if they really don't care for the water...fortunately the dogs I saw this day all seemed okay with a few that were thrilled to be out riding the surf!