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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Turn Your Back for a Second

So while at a cook-out tonight, we were all enjoying our grilled steaks, shrimp and chicken, an enjoyable early Labor Day gathering to watch the season opener of Ohio State Football.

Half time was dinner time, sitting down to a feast at the dining room table.Kerry was laying under the table as I felt her furry side with my bare feet but then she left at some point and I could no longer feel her there. So I called out to see where she was...
She didn't come. I also told her "cookies!" and she still didn't come; concerned I got up to see where she could have gone as both the front and the back doors were opened at my friends' home. She doesn't go far when food is around so I was not too concerned, just curious.

Well "the nose" had found the grill's drip pan out back and here's the face I found when she turned around all happy with herself and busily lip-smacking away!

Oh my.As Bob said, "Hey now she looks like a German Shepherd!" Ha!

Although here she looks like she is growling she is actually just getting ready to lick AGAIN to get all that wonderful taste off her face before I go after it with some paper towels and Dawn liquid detergent and water - the soap did not taste nearly as good.

Well at least she had the good sense to politely pre-rinse the dishes in their dishwasher, for them before we left!

(photos courtesy of Bob Paxton)


Sam said...

I suppose it is better to pre-rinse the dishes than post-rinse them! Monty is always putting his face where it doesn't belong too!


LoveTailWags said...

Ha! You have a very good point there no doubt. They do provide good entertainment for us, that's for certain...where's the worst place Monty's face has "not belonged"? :)

willow said...

Oh, gosh, this makes me miss my dearly departed yellow lab, Ralphy. He used to pre-rinse the dishes just like this!

Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor!