The five service pups I've raised...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days gone by and blogs not yet posted...

My sister's golden rescue Max (above and below)

A smiling, happy boy!

oh yea I let my brothers cat Sabrina slip in here but she is just adorable and really thinks she's a dog, she's THAT friendly!

This is Oscar, my friends' Shihtzu

and his sister Fiona

My brother's lab/greyhound mix= Brutus
Below Brutus says - here's my pink pig toy PLEASE play with me!

I admire the full time bloggers who can balance their days (or seem to, and STILL find the time to place coherent thoughts in cyber space).

It's been over a month and I often think of things I so much want to post to my blog. I have the photos too - trust me- LOADS of photos since my last blog post back in March.

I have been to gorgeous Yosemite and Francie and her black lab friend Tatiana saw LOTS of snow for their first time and LOVED it. I can't wait to post these shots!
Then there was Woofstock - a fundraiser and festival for dogs and people -very cool and YES lots of photos.
And then the Carlsbad Flower Fields and this was a CCI puppy outing with our service pups=so load of stunning puppy photos in the flowers...
now just to find the time to download them and get some posts in place.

But alas I am in Ohio now, here originally sadly, for a funeral of a dear childhood friend that has shaken me.
And since that time I am now spending additional time with family before heading back to San Diego next week...
Thus thoughts have been swirling and the idea came that I should log on and see to posting something on my belated little blog site.

So for now capturing these few shots of some sweet Ohio dogs will have to do.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a lovely crew and what an adventure you are on!! I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. I know how it is to lose an old friend, especially one that you're close too. I hope you are able to find comfort in your memories and among your family and friends at this time...

CalBuckeye said...

Thank you Kim, your thoughts are very comforting to me, I appreciate you taking the time to write me. Being around family certainly helps and sadly we're also reminded of 10 yrs ago when we lost my sister also to breast cancer which is what took my dear friend last week.
Family does help during times such as these, so thanks again.