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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Clearing of the Mind

What is is about a change of scenery? An opportunity to be away from that which is familiar? It clears the senses, makes me take in new sites as though I have never seen them before and then I appreciate them all over again; that which is familiar but at the same time feels so brand new!

Spending time in Ohio these few weeks, away from southern California has provided a sense of wonder to my senses. I've enjoyed the powerful thunderstorms, taken in the multitude of varying shades of green as winter's long dormant trees burst forth in their leafy green branches of lush cover.
The lilacs are blooming -oh the fragrance -it's as if it has a melody that sings especially for my nose.

I take my walk each day and ponder the comparisons of a place I love so much (Encinitas) against a place I grew up (Columbus, OH) but still find myself so fond of...

These photos are around the farmer's fields near my Mom's home in Granville Ohio where she spends her summers. I wish there were more walking paths along the farms' fields here, like all the trails across the countryside in England
I noticed when I worked over there in the 1990's. I have to pretty much pick my way along the fence lines to peer into the woods. The British on the other hand can walk for miles along trails that connect one farm or homestead plot to another; from one village to the next withOUT having to walk on the roads with the cars, (What a concept!)

How I love being out in nature.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I also love being out in nature...I've never been to England, but have seen the pictures and would love to wander the countryside some day to enjoy it!

CalBuckeye said...'d love it. They all have walking sticks and go for miles (all ages!) and then they may stop in an old pub (and I mean old)for a pint. :^D It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful nature photos. We share your love for nature aswell. Have a blessed day!