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Friday, February 5, 2010

Francie's First Visit to the Ocean

I took Francie to Cardiff State Beach today; it was her first visit to see the ocean.
It was so cute. All the smells! Her toes hit the sand, then her nose and up she came with grains of sand all over her black nose. She sniffed and then picked up a mouthful of sea kelp. Blah!

She froze and was transfixed by a little flock of seabirds pecking on the sand and running out toward the water and then back in as the waves rolled in after them.

Then she found a stick and tried to entice Kerry in a game of tug or chase. Here's the video:
It was a blustery day as a new storm front was rolling in for a wet weekend. We still met a few other dog walkers also out on the beach as well.

Francie's ears blowing as she watches other dog walkers.
Kerry, I love you!

Francie watched this pelican cruise low right in front of her...and then flap in and land above the boulders near the coast highway.

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