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Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center is by far one of my most favorite seasonal places to visit in San Diego. Nestled amongst rolling hills of rural ranches and farms, (although the urban sprawl and developments are gradually encroaching) this family farm/pumpkin patch is chock full of Kodak moments.
We had a grand day, starting early and a good thing too as it quickly got quite crowded. A nice size CCI group turned out and we enjoyed finding clever places to put the pups for photos...there was also a Halloween dog costume contest so I'll include some of those fun photos here too.
I did notice that against the straw bales and brilliant orange pumpkins, the black lab pups really did have the advantage of that great contrast. Our yellow/blonde pups were often lost in the blonde straw and hay...but there were plenty of neat place to pose them - scarecrows, tractor rides, and even the giant pumpkin scale -oh yea, that's little Francie on there. Little? Hardly not, she weighed in at 52.5 pounds. At $.69 per pound she would have been a $35 pumpkin to purchase!

Tractor hayride or horse drawn wagon ride...

who's grinning more, Francie or the scale operator?

Francie with Shirley and Cane above her.

Francie and me on our tractor hay ride

A bird dog literally A banana A scarecrwo WITH his diploma,
("if I only had a brain....")

A giraffe and Cyndi
A monarch butterfly

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