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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts and Goblins Trick-or-Treat

What a grand night. Linda and I sat on sunset hill at Eagles' View in Cardiff and enjoyed some lovely wine as the dogs waited not so patiently nearby in the car.

Then when it got dark, we went to downtown Encinitas and enjoyed the festivities. What a perfect night - a full moon and just the right temperature - not too cold not too warm.

The costumes were imaginative. The kids so darling. One little girl who's costume you could tell was hand made, I asked her if she were a cat? She replied ever so seriously, "no I'm an arctic fox". I said how special as no one else has THAT costume. And with a little coaching from her Mom, she said it was because arctic foxes are endangered...yessiree. My kind of Mom - save the animals while educating the little ones; tee hee.

My favorite costume was on a dog of course -a large clock face and then I realized it was a giant watch wrapped around the dog's trunk as he was, of course, going as a "watch dog". Fun-ee!

Self Realization Fellowship outdid themselves again as always, with some stunning jack-o-lanterns. Here are some photos I took so you can see for yourself:

Kerry if front of the cutest dalmation puppy jack-o-lantern.

Goodness, how long did these take to carve?

These folks were enjoying their night -funny to notice the farmer boy looking right at my camera...

Francie with the pumpkins. Me with all the dogs. Ronie laying and Kerry and Francie on each side of me.

These girls reminded me of my nieces in Ohio.
I asked if I could take their photos and they quickly struck a pose!

The kids watch all the goings-on at the Lumberyard courtyard as the band played and folks got refreshments...

Oh no, it's "paranormal activity" -->
actually it's just what happens
when a puppy turns her head too quickly while I have my camera on a slow shutter speed.

We ended the evening with a brief visit to Pam and Mark's as their street really does Halloween!

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