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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fall Saturday

Kerry & Francie below the OSU flag

It's fun when a routine falls into place...for me today it was a Football Fall Saturday.
I hung my OSU flag and headed down to town.

So Football Saturday- today it was back to D Street Grill to watch the Buckeyes play football on what looked to be a chilly day in Columbus. Brrr. And by 4th quarter it started raining there- ugh. That's why I live where I do!
So we beat Minnesota, appartently on a mission to redeem ourselves after last week's loss to Purdue.

Dad met me there and little Francie was restless under the table but finally settled in. My Buckeye friend Bob also came and Betty and Michaela (who will be a pirate this Halloween courtesy of my costume I'm loaning her). She looked SO cute when she tried it on.

When our fog burned off it was actually quite warm here today. It was great talking with Chris this morning and catching up on all our news.

Francie at D Street in her Buckeye clothes- since I can't have her wearing Michigan colors.....

This morning before the 9am game, I actually made it to an 8am Qi Gong class at Moonlight Beach for an energy healing was so peaceful listening to the waves hitting the shore below. I realized how tight my shoulders are and I will really work on that...too much computer work and rounding forward throughout my work day I suppose.

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