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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well Francie did it again.
For the second time she has been in a magazine BUT this time she is in a national publication! If you get the JULY 2010 issue of Ladies Home Journal (Chrisite Brinkley on the cover), page 64 you will see my lovely girl, as a model. She was a "prop" for an article about creating affordable outdoor furniture. We did this photo shoot in March and I was not quite sure if she would actually make it in the issue -there's always the risk of ending up on the editing floor of course...but lo' and behold there she is!

Here are some shots I took of the contract photographer (from L.A.) who came down to do the shoot. He was amazed at how well behaved she was and commented several times on how easy it made his job compared to other shoots he's done that involved dogs.
Well sure! - I mean she IS a service pup in training and certainly knows her commands. But to get her ears up and make her look pretty AND to get her to look right at the photographer, what you don't see in the magazine is me holding her beloved tennis ball and standing just behind the photographer :) Good "stay" Francie good "stay". I'd say "release" and she'd pop up and immediately come over to my side and wait for her next assignment.

I love the magazine photo LHJ selected - Francie is smiling oh so lovely. (The chairs I'm not so crazy about but with her in the photo it sure does catch one's eye.)
Don't you agree?

* the stunning yard was at the home of friend, Encinitas neighbor and Bunco Babe: Davielle, former staff member at Caninie Companions for Independence.
Thanks Davi for this neat opportunity for Francie! We LOVE your gorgeous yard!

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a coincidence, I was just looking at this magazine yesterday and noticed the pictures because of your girl--They were great pictures!!!
Your post reminds me of when I president of the Golden Retriever Rescue and LL Bean wanted to use rescued Goldens in a fall shoot they were doing--The only thing was, they didn't want them to shed on the models clothing...I couldn't promise that, so "they" passed...CONGRATS to you and Francie!!!! That really is cool!!!!